Marketing Content Planner (Freebie!)

The Marketing Content Planner is the key to organizing, promoting, and tracking content promotions on social media, including Pinterest.

Planning which pieces of content to share every month is so overwhelming and frustrating that you end up throwing in the towel. This Google Sheet will transform social media and content strategies.

The Marketing Content Planner helps online business owners promote evergreen and seasonal blog content, freebies, opt-ins, products, sales pages and more across their social media platforms. This free spreadsheet is a simple but effective tool that minimizes the time spent each month scheduling promotions. Get full details on how to organize your content here.

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Every month begins with the best of intentions – aiming to promote each blog post, freebie, or product page to maximize your reach, drive more traffic, and blow those conversions out of the water. But, three hours in, you’ve accomplished very little and quickly running out of ideas. 

The main struggle many content creators face is lack of time and organization. Spending hours scheduling social media seems like a waste when there is so much more to running a business. Additionally, if your published content is logged here and there without rhyme or reason, your promotion strategy will be difficult to track and maintain. Therefore, frustrations will set in when you aren’t able to achieve your goals.

But, what if there was a single document that would save hours each month, organize your content, and make scheduling promotions a piece of cake?

Enter: The Marketing Content Planner

Gain complete access with step-by-step instructions on exporting your content, organizing, and preparing for a successful content promotion strategy – all with one sheet!