How to Organize Blog & Marketing Content for Social Media

How to Organize Blog & Marketing Content for Social Media

Organize your marketing content for easy social media promotion
with a few easy steps!

Staying organized is the pillar to running a successful online business. There are so many moving parts to remaining relevant online. As a priority, the content that you’ve worked so hard to publish should remain at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

I’m a firm believer that everything in the home has a place, and the same truths hold steady in my business. But I wasn’t always as organized as I am now. There was once a time where I had no idea which pieces of content were published, when it was published, and if it was promoted.

After hearing much of the same from clients and fellow bloggers, I created a tool that helps me and so many other bloggers and online business owners. 

Screenshot of Content Planner filled out

The Marketing Content Planner keeps all published content information centrally located. Details like meta descriptions, publish dates, and the months when that content is relevant is easily viewed in one place. 

The Marketing Content Planner

Promote evergreen and seasonal blog content, freebies, opt-ins, products, sales pages, & more across social media platforms.

Take a look at how the Marketing Content Planner will help you organize existing content and schedule social media quickly and painlessly. 

How to Organize Blog Content with the Marketing Content Planner

WordPress users will need to use a combination of manual copy and pasting and a plugin like Export All URLs. There are paid plugin options that will extract all of this data, but I haven’t used those.

If you are using the manual method, there will be some minor reformatting required this one time, but it doesn’t take long and is very simple. There is a tab included in the Planner that explains everything with screenshots and steps included.

After your sheet is set up with all of the information, it will be a piece of cake to add information as new content is published.

Simply, copy the post’s information and paste inside the Sheet. You can also set up a Zap with Zapier so this happens automatically each time something is published. 

Next: On the right side of the sheet, there are columns of each month listed. For each piece of content, complete each month’s cell according to the legend provided on the instructions tab. This makes the process of filtering for each month effortless. 

  • If the content is evergreen, meaning it can be promoted year-round, place an E under each month within the post’s row.
  • If the content is seasonal, meaning it’s only relevant during certain months, place an X under the relevant month within the post’s row.
  • If the content is not evergreen, leave the month’s cells blank for the months the content should not be promoted.

With this functionality, you have a bird’s eye view of the content that should be shared, promoted, or revised with a few clicks.

Date filtering on the Content Planner

Using the Planner for Your Social Media Strategy

Now that you can see all of your content in one place, it’s time to implement a strategy around that content. Without an effective promotion plan, the content you’ve dedicated hours to will never reach your target audience, and any opportunity to convert or sell is lost.

If you want your social media promotions to be effective, organization and strategy is key.

With the planner, viewing content for each month is easy:

  1. In the Marketing Content Planner Google Sheet, turn the filter function on. 
  2. Then, go to the month you are planning for, and select only the months with an X or E in the month’s cells.
  3. The filter will display only the content that should be shared or promoted that month.

Typically, I open up the links, then schedule using Tailwind or another scheduler.

In many cases, I use this to plan Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even email promotions for my clients and myself – usually a whole month’s worth within an hour. It’s a great way to streamline the process of scheduling social media, saving time and making sure your content gets its spot in the limelight.

If you are struggling to keep your content organized and updated, download the Marketing Content Planner for online business owners and bloggers. If you need someone to help with new or existing content creation, schedule a time to talk with me.